A High-Spec Mixer for the Studio or Stage

From www.musicradar.com:

“The name says it all really: the StudioLive 16.4.2 digital mixer from PreSonus is intended for use both in a studio environment and for mixing front of house (and monitors) at a live show. The company’s intention was to pack this new product with a set of features that would allow it to straddle the boundaries – so does it succeed? Let’s take a look. What you get is a 16:4:2 mixer – that’s 16 input channels feeding four subgroups and the main stereo output. There are eight auxiliary sends – two permanently assigned to a pair of onboard stereo effects processors, the others available to access external effects or to be used for cue/foldback – plus a pair of stereo aux inputs to bring external sounds back into the mixer and a stereo two-track I/O. . . . “

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