AES 46th Conference on Audio Forensics: Recording, Recovery, Analysis, and Interpretation


“The AES 46th International Conference is dedicated to exploring advances in the field of Audio Forensics by providing a platform for research related to the forensic application of speech/signal processing, acoustical analyses, audio authentication, and the examination of methodologies and best practices. A special focus will be made on the practice of audio forensics as a whole of its parts: the recording, recovery, analysis, and interpretation of audio evidence. This is the 4th AES conference devoted to the technical developments and practical approaches developing in the field of Audio Forensics (past conferences: 2005, 2008, 2010). With increasing attendance at these events this conference has become the hub for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and foster new approaches to address problems that are evolving every day. The conference program will include Paper presentations and discussions as well as Tutorials and Workshops on topics such as audio authentication and speaker recognition. . . . ”

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