TestDrive: Tascam DP-008 Review

From www.futuremusic.com:

“Tascam has taken the Portastudio concept and infused all the wiz-bang technology that the new millennium has to offer. We may not have flying cars yet, but, thanks to Tascam, we do have a full-on 8-track studio the size of a paperback book. The DP-008 is a true 8 track recording studio that can record at 16 bit / 44.1 kHz quality on two tracks simultaneously, and features phantom power on two XLR inputs, basic reverb effects, a metronome, a chromatic tuner and even on-board stereo mics. Each track has dedicated knobs for level, pan, two band EQ and reverb (in the Hall, Room and Stage flavors), which gives you direct control over your individual tracks for visceral, instantaneous results. . . . “

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