Are You Portable?

Every musician is portable.  Every musician’s gear should be portable.

In our world, all manner of gear can be made smaller, lighter, and more powerful for its purpose than its predecessors.

Our creativity no longer needs to be constrained by time or place.

Music is meant to be expressed whenever and wherever inspiration hits– to be taken anywhere and shared with anyone, no matter the distance.

There is now no reason why our gear should restrict this free flowing nature of music.

For years we’ve managed the considerable size and weight of gear with amazing capabilities.  Now, that power can be carried on our person.  In our pocket.  At our fingertips.

We are PortableMusician.  We are dedicated to empowering musicians worldwide to harness incredible technology to become more portable.

We are portable musicians.  We believe that we are not the only musicians who share our enthusiasm.

Are you portable?


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