An Interview With Todd Garfinkle Of MA Recordings Interview By Phil Gold


” Todd specializes in extremely high quality recordings of small intimate chamber music or solo work, early music, baroque, classical, traditional and jazz, and his recordings are available in a variety of high resolution formats. Todd: I currently record on a Korg MR2000S which records DSD at double SACD quality, 5. 6MHz. I record everything like that, and from that point, having what I believe is a really high quality master, I can down-sample to PCM 176. 4 high resolution WAV files which you can listen to on your Hi-Res audio system. Phil: So where do you stand on the issue of PCM versus DSD? Todd: I record in DSD because I believe DSD as a master format is higher resolution than 176. 4 kHz PCM but there are very few people that can listen to DSD unless it is formatted and authored as an SACD which is another story. Do you notice any deterioration in the quality of the recording due to the conversion process? Have you compared a PCM recoded natively against one derived from a DSD master?I will soon have a new DVD-ROM produced from transfers of my analog record of the Goldberg variations I did do it in both PCM and DSD. We did the transfer twice. SADiE from England, which is now owned by Prism Sound I believe, and Pyramix, which is Merging Technologies from Switzerland they have computers that record and edit in DSD. For SADiE only the edit points are done in PCM and the rest is DSD. Pyramix does all the editing in DSD. But it’s $20,000 for a system like that, and I can make a few records for that money. . . . ” (via smmry)

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