Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Amp Review


“The Loudbox Mini is a 60-watt, two-channel acoustic-voiced combo amp that includes reverb and chorus, housed in a compact and attractive cabinet. The Loudbox Mini is the smallest and least expensive of the line, but just because it”s a mini does not mean it”s not mighty. The Loudbox Mini represents an aesthetic departure from Fishman”s previous industrial black-box scheme. “The back panel is also placed at the top of the amp and is beveled as well-a nice touch that facilitates optimum accessibility. In addition to the power cord and power switch, there”s an XLR output and two Aux inputs-one 1/4″, one 1/8″ stereo mini. No bigger than a lunchbox, the Fishman Loudbox Mini was an able addition to my acoustic rig, far more tailored, well-voiced-with Fishman”s excellent EQ-and suitable than a powered speaker or a conventional combo amp. Click on the Product Summary box above to view the Fishman Loudbox Mini product page. . . . ” (via smmry)

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