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” By balancing innovative features like the half-page turns with a gorgeous interface and the most robust library organization of any music reader, forScore proves that you really can have an app that’s both powerful and beautiful. Thanks to forScore’s ability to download virtually any PDF file directly from the web, it’s not only the best music reader around-it’s also the world’s most comprehensive library of sheet music in just 1. 5 pounds. From the moment you launch forScore, you’ll see how everything was designed to keep your music front and center. Add text to your page with adjustable fonts, colors, and sizes, and leave clumsy controls behind: forScore’s text boxes adjust their height automatically as you type. The iPad, with an app like ForScore, is kind of the ultimate sheet music machine, no?” -Gizmodo. The piano keyboard works fantastic! by CatMusic727 Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote to the makers of ForScore about the piano keyboard function which enables to play your sheet music and practice on the go and even on the spot. . . . ” (via smmry)

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