Journal on the Art of Record Production » Adult MP3 Users’ Perspectives on Past and Present Consumer Audio Technology: Does the Music Still Matter?


” Qualitative interviews of adult MP3 users were conducted for this study, because adult MP3 users have often used older audio technologies in addition to the new, and therefore stand at unique technological crossroads. RQ1: How do adult MP3 users view their experience with the MP3 format in general?Coolness factor, ease of use and ease of music acquisition, psychological mood benefits, and the control of personal space constitute some of the most significant or influential experiential peripherals in regard to MP3 technology, as supported by the MP3 literature. The interview subject related to me the affinity he has with non-Apple MP3 players; he refuses to use iTunes to acquire his music or create MP3s from his CD collection. MP3 culture studies could also make a point of asking respondents directly, not indirectly, about these experiential “satellites” that orbit the center of their MP3 cultural system – the act of listening to audio. Do you share your MP3 files with any other MP3 users? If so, how do you share your music? . . . ” (via smmry)

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