L2P Reviews: Mackie Onyx 820i Firewire Mixer

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“In the meantime, the 820i will let you do a lot in a project studio and even record a small combo live. Three XLR mic inputs plus two mono line inputs and three more stereo line inputs. All of the inputs except the combo XLR/stereo input have three-channel EQ and channels 1 and 2 have sweeapable mids. Channel 3 has four band EQ. You can switch the FireWire send on each channel between pre and post EQ so you can perform with the onboard EQ and send a dry signal to Pro Tools (or Logic, Sonar, Nuendon Cakewalk or Traction– remember this s a UNIVERSAL driver). In fact, there are more places to send to FireWire than most people will ever use but makes for real flexibility. It sounds great and is easy to use. . . . “

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