Making Music With Akai Pro MPC Fly for iPad 2


“You don’t need to step into an expensive studio with expensive equipment to bust out some beats. The iconic MPC (Music Production Controller) has entered the modern era with the introduction of the MPC Fly for the iPad 2. Coming by way of Akai Pro, the MPC Fly has been made especially for Apple’s tablet.

You may have known MPC once as the MIDI Production Center or the Music Production Center. The MPC Fly for iPad 2 takes that to a new portable level and it consists of two parts. The MPC Fly hardware is a hinged device that comes with 16 genuine backlit MPC pads, complete with MPC Note Repeat and MPC Swing. The beats you create on the go can then be easily transferred to your Mac or PC for further refinement. And yes, you still have regular iPad 2 access and functionality; in fact, the MPC Fly will charge your iPad when it’s plugged into wall power. It even acts as a protective case. . . . ”

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