NAMM 2012: Vox announces AGA30 acoustic guitar amp




” As with its upper-level siblings, the AGA30 features a two-channel design: a tube-pre channel with a 12AU7 tube and a normal channel. Each channel provides the Reverb and Chorus effects that are indispensible for acoustic sound. A single knob simultaneously selects the effect and adjusts the effect depth, making it easy for anyone to quickly dial in the precise character and amount of effect. The Tube Pre channel preamp features a 12AU7 dual-triode vacuum tube, imparting your guitar or vocal sound with the roundness and warmth so distinctive of the vacuum tube sound. In addition to Bass, and Treble tone controls, each channel provides Reverb, Chorus, or a combination of both effects. The optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass or All Mute functions, offering great flexibility during a live performance. . . . ” (via smmry)

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