Pianist Pro for iPad on the iTunes App Store

From itunes.apple.com:

” Live MIDI control of external synths via CoreMidi USB, MIDI Mobilizer interface, Network MIDI, OSC or DSMI. – Standard MIDI File import and export. It features full MIDI import and export capability, allowing you to record song ideas while on the road and export them via MIDI to your Digital Audio Workstation back at the studio. You can also use Pianist Pro as a great master MIDI keyboard, either with USB, the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interface, or via Wi-Fi. Drive your soft or hard synths wirelessly from the sofa, or from another room. Pianist Pro can even be used as a MIDI sound source, driven by an external hardware keyboard. Connected USB MIDI devices are chosen from a list, allowing use with multi-port MIDI interfaces such as iConnectMIDI. MIDI IN and OUT is split so that MIDI can be received from one port / channel, and sent out on a completely different port / channel. . . . ” (via smmry)

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