Producing Keane’s Hopes And Fears


” Keane had previously attempted to make their debut with the help of programmer James Sanger, who lent the band his studio in France, but although the recording was strong enough to secure them a publishing deal with BMG, a record contract was not forthcoming. Keane then signed a deal with Island Records, who immediately supplied the financial resources for a new recording programme with Andy as producer. From the start of the Helioscentric recording sessions, the team’s plan was to record new drums, vocals, piano parts and bass lines, using the large Keane library of demos as a compositional basis. I’ve recorded drums straight to Tools on a number of occasions and they just don’t seem to sound as cohesive as recording to tape. I had to say to them that their big live sound would not necessarily have the same impact on record, no matter how meticulously we recorded it, without some careful layering of sounds. Sometimes we would record in the evenings, but mostly I would be left to edit and compile and arrange parts recorded that day. . . . ” (via smmry)

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