Roland Gaia SH-01 Review


” The Gaia”s three layers, selected with the Tone buttons at left, are programmed from a single panel of knobs and sliders. The Mod button allows Tones 1 and 2 to be combined in either oscillator-sync or ring-
modulation mode for a thicker sound. To the left of the four main synth sections you”ll see Select and On buttons for each of the three Tones. You use the Select button to choose which Tone you”ll be editing with the panel controls, either one at a time or in groups. A convenient Tone Copy button lets you copy all the settings from one Tone to another with three button pushes: Press the Tone Copy button, then the Select button for the Tone you want to copy, and then Select the button for the Tone you want it copied to. It”s fun to switch patterns while using the Key Hold button, although switching patterns requires an awkward combination of button pushes. . . . ” (via smmry)

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