The PreSonus StudioLive: The Perfect Digital Mixer?


” PreSonus has produced the StudioLive, a digital mixing board which provides all of the benefits of a digital mixing board while making it easy for the average church volunteer to use and abuse. Simply put, when you select a channel, all of the controls in the center of the mixer are specific for that channel. Using the mixer for the first time, you’ll find the fat channel layout most intuitive. It’s set up much like the mixer itself except when you select a channel and turn the iPad 90-degrees, it shows you the fat channel options. When the mixer is hooked up to an external computer, you simply hop on your wireless network with your iPad to access the mixer. Capture software – multi-track recorder within the mixer StudioOne Artist Software – multi-track editor Virtual StudioLive – control mixer via computer Virtual StudioRemote – iPad software. . . . ” (via smmry)

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