Zoom R8 Portable Recorder Review

From www.emusician.com:

“While I”ve used many capable products, most had to sacrifice ease of use due to the limited number of controls and compact size. The R8 doesn”t fit in a shirt pocket-it”s about the size of a closed netbook-but the bigger form factor gets you major functionality and more importantly, serious ease of use. The drums aren”t exactly Toontrack-in-a-box, but more than suitable for creating rhythms-or use the included patterns. More surprisingly, there”s phantom power-but even more surprisingly, you can choose between +24V to save power, or the full +48V if needed. Don”t carry mics with you? Use the two built-in mics for capturing ideas. As to the user interface, I thought I”d see how far I could get without opening the manual. . . . ” (via smmry)

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