KeyboardMag: Yamaha MOX8


“Speaking of electric grands, the MOX’s “CP70 Chorus” sound finally delivers: Previous attempts at that sound from earlier Motifs never really inspired me, but this one had me riffing on Peter Gabriel. In the orchestral area, I fell in love with “French Horn” and have been a sucker for the “Sweet Flute” sound since I first bought my Motif 8 “Classic.” Since then, Yamaha has really upped the ante with many of their vintage synth sounds, and I found myself gravitating to the Moog-like “Feeling” and “DetunedVintage” patches a lot. While I’ve always preferred dedicated “Clonewheel” organs to sample-based sounds from any allpurpose workstation, I used a few from the MOX very enthusiastically, especially “Crunchy.” It worked great for Deep Purple and Tony Kaye-era Yes sounds, and I also used it for playing parts that might otherwise be played by a rhythm guitar. I’ve done a lot of programming for my S90ES, Motif 8, and Motif Rack over the years, and it would’ve been nice to load those sounds, Performances, and Master mode setups from a USB stick, but the MOX8 was not directly backward compatible with these older synths. Master mode is a Motif and S-family feature that lets you put single sounds, Performance multis, and sequencer songs in the same bank, in whatever order your set list demands. We’ve seen what a great all-purpose gig keyboard it also is, especially if you’re looking for all the sound and most of the features of the Motif XS on a budget. . . .” (via smmry)

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