13 of the best iPad/iPhone iOS DAWs and workspaces

From www.musicradar.com:

“While, given their nature, Apple's mobile devices still can't compete directly with Macs and PCs in music making terms, they've certainly become viable platforms for producers and musicians to work with. The iPad in particular has become a viable tool for sketching ideas, making basic recordings and working on tracks. GarageBand for iOS may look and feel very similar to its Mac counterpart, but the mobile version of Apple's entry-level DAW is really its own entity. The app combines simple but effective Touch and Smart instruments, guitar amps and effects and a sequencer that enables you to record on up to 32 tracks. Since its launch, the addition of MIDI editing, Jam Session sync and, more recently, Audiobus and Inter App Audio support have made GarageBand even better. Now the app can act as a hub for an iOS music setup encompassing various different instruments, effects and even multiple iDevices. Full review: Apple GarageBand for iPadBuy now from the App Store. . . .” (via smmry)

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