Roland Mobile AC Acoustic Chorus Amp

From on 09/14/12:

“The Roland Mobile AC is the smallest amplifier in Roland’s Acoustic Chorus series, it is a portable three channel amp for acoustic guitars. “Being part of Roland’s Acoustic Chorus series, the Mobile AC is fine tuned for acoustic guitars and features the same Chorus effect found on its bigger amplifier siblings. Once you activate the built-in stereo chorus effect, it will make its two 4″ stereo speakers produce Roland’s famous swirling stereo chorus sound.

While bigger practice amps come with just one input, this humble amp provides you with three inputs – one for your acoustic guitar, one for a microphone and a third input for media players.

Another handy feature of this amp is its built-in microphone stand mounting slot.

This lets you place the amp high enough for small venue gigs or you can also use the amp as your on-stage monitor.

According to the press release, Roland designed this amp to be easy to use for beginners, while providing features that make it a viable alternative amp for experienced guitar players.

The Roland Mobile AC is currently retailing online for $189. Visit Roland for more information. . . .” (via smmry)

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