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“AMPLIFi is now available in a compact amp head format, Line 6 names this new release as the AMPLIFi TT desktop guitar processor.

Now the company is expanding the possibilities further by having the AMPLIFi features packed inside a compact tabletop unit.

AMPLIFi TT is surprisingly very small for a full-featured amp, based on available images we can deduce that it is around the same size as compact audio interfaces.

With its compact design and DSP capability, Line 6 is correct in describing AMPLIFi TT as a tabletop multi-effect that transforms any room into a jam space.

The release builds on the growing momentum of the AMPLIFi product line, and provides guitarists with even more ways to play and enjoy music.

Line 6 Chief Strategy Officer Marcus Ryle said, “The AMPLIFi family is the most innovative and exciting line of products for guitarists to play with. AMPLIFi TT delivers the AMPLIFi experience in an ultra-powerful yet compact size that fits everywhere, so guitarists can take advantage of every spare moment and enjoy playing guitar more often.”AMPLIFi TT is now retailing for $199.95, visit Line 6 for further details. . . .” (via smmry)

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