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From on 06/10/13:

“It’s only really in the last 18 months or so that iOS DJing apps have made the jump from being mere novelty items to realistic music making propositions.

That’s not to say we’ve reached the stage where we’re likely to see iPads replacing CDJs, controllers and turntables in club booths, but it’s certainly now possible to use your iDevice to sketch out sets, play house parties and record entirely convincing mixes.

Across the next few slides, in no particular order, you’ll find our pick of the most useable DJ apps currently available on the App Store.

Since its release earlier this year, NI’s app version of Traktor has quickly claimed the title of the most elegant and well-implemented DJ tool for iOS.

It’s effectively a stripped-back version of its laptop counterpart; offering two waveform-style decks for mixing, hot cues, looping tools and touch-controlled effects and EQs.

The app is well designed to make use of the device’s touchscreen too, allowing great hands-on control of functions like the filters and beat slicing.

It also sync bi-directionally with its bigger sibling via dropBox, making it great for DJs with pre-existing Traktor setups.

The more recent iPhone incarnation is essentially the exact same app but tucked into a smaller space. . . .” (via smmry)

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