Peavey Nano Vypyr Portable Modeling Amp

From on 08/01/12:

“Take your favorite modeled amps anywhere with the battery powered Peavey Nano Vypyr, carrying 11 amp models and a variety of effects.

This is a compact and portable amp from Peavey’s Vypyr series, it can conveniently run on either AC or battery power.

Peavey has fitted this amp with 11 analog amp models that cover all the essential tones.

You can pick from its collection of amps which include two clean models, two overdrive model, two rock models, two metal models, two lead models and an acoustic amp model.

Aside from the amp models, you can also do traditional adjustments with the amp’s gain knob, as well as it’s basic bass, mid and treble EQ knobs.

The preamp section of this small amp is based on Peavey’s analog TransTube technology, while the power section is lightweight class D. This small amp also comes with built-in effects that include essentials like compression, chorus, delay and reverb.

The amp has an effects control knob that adjusts multiple parameters for each effect simultaneously. . . .” (via smmry)

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