Vox Mini3 G2 Portable Modeling Amp

From www.guitarsite.com on 05/23/13:

“Unique to the generation 2 model is the Vox Bassilator circuit, which helps improve the amp’s bass response even at low volume levels.

The Bassilator circuit enables the amp to produce low frequencies that other small amps will not have.

Inheriting the modeling technology that made Valvetronix popular, the Mini3 G2 features improved and more dynamic amp models.

Like the previous Mini3 amp, this new version is compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 6.61 pounds.

Six AA alkaline batteries can keep the amp running for 10 hours, which makes it ideal for small outdoor jamming and street performances.

Pricing not yet known but it might be within the same range as the original Mini3, which was $99. For further details, you can visit Vox Amps.

Try a Guitar Headphone Amp – They’re best for practicing quietly. . . .” (via smmry)

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