Snap-on amp lets play anywhere guitarists rock app-based FX

From on 11/23/16:

“Travel guitars with built-in speakers and effects have been on the market for an absolute age, but we’ve seen a number of dedicated instruments recently that have embraced our modern digital world to include smartphone integration.

The JamStack project began with electrical engineer and self-confessed tinkerer Chris Prendergast mutilating his guitar to add a smartphone and make use of its arsenal of digital sound capabilities and output the tones through a small speaker installed in the instrument.

The creator promises effortless pick up and play convenience, where the portable speaker is popped onto a guitar’s strap button, with polymer padding on all contact surfaces helping to protect the host instrument from scratches.

A short instrument cable runs from the guitar’s output jack to the amp and another audio cable connects the unit to the docked smartphone.

The signal path runs from the guitar to smartphone to JamStack.

With smartphone in place, the player can dial in digitized amp and stomp emulations from apps like AmpliTube, fire up a recording app to capture riff-tastic creations, or jam along to backing tracks running on the smartphone, without the instrument battling the music for volume supremacy.

A smartphone bypass button allows players to output the guitar signal direct to the JamStack. . . .” (via smmry)

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